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With a combined almost 40 years working as professional security system installers,  there are many questions that we get quite often. So here's a list of some we think are the most common and the most likely to answer yours!

How long will it take to install?

The installation time of your alarm or CCTV system all depends on the type of system you go for - some consisting of a day or more, others can be done in as quick as a couple hours.

Do you offer yearly maintenance?

Yes, even if the system wasn't installed by us if we have serviced it once we will contact you when the next service is due.

Do you only cover West Yorkshire?

No - we install systems throughout West and North Yorkshire.

How long is the guarantee?

We offer 24 months parts and labour cover for cctv and 12 months for alarm systems. We even offer round the clock technical support.

Is there much mess during install?

 We ALWAYS keep mess to a minimum and treat your home like it was our own.

What if my WIFI goes down will the system still work?

Yes, unlike some systems on the market our alarm systems don't solely rely on wifi to work, the app function will of course need wifi but you will still have a bells only system if the wifi goes down.

If this is concern you can go for a GSM option which uses a world sim as back up to ensure you will be notified via the app.

How will I know how to work the system?

No matter which security system you go for, once install is complete and you are happy our friendly engineers will be more than happy to give you a full demo and answer any further questions you may have.

Do you do monitored systems?

Yes, we can install a communicator to your system which will contact your chosen 'key holders' or alert a guarding company to attend the premises after activation.

what if I have pets, wont they set off the alarm?

Not with our pet friendly PIRS, wired or wireless we can ensure you and your pets are safe.

Do you offer security advice?

Yes, we're always happy to help and give advise over the phone, meaning you get to take advantage of our years of experience

Do you offer emergency installations?

We can occasionally offer emergency Burglar Alarm or CCTV installations if needed due to your circumstances (a recent break-in, domestic issues ect)

Give use call to discuss your exact requirements and we'll help the best we can.

Question still not answered?

Feel free to call our friendly team direct on 01924 586502 to discuss your Home or Business security system requirements.

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