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Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems vs Hard-Wired Burglar Alarm Systems - What are the Pros and Cons?

How much does it cost?

Wireless Alarm Systems;

Wireless alarms, wireless PIRs, door contacts etc, are more expensive to buy, However they are also much easier to install which reduces the installation time and overall cost.

Wired Alarm Systems;

Hard wired alarm panels and devices are typically cheaper to buy compared to wireless, however there's also the additional cost of the cable, cable clips, trunking etc. Wired systems are usually more expensive in a domestic property due to the complexities and time involved routing and hiding the alarm cables.

How long do they take to install?

Wireless Alarm System;

Based on a 3 bed detached house – approx 1/2 a Day.

Wired Alarm System;

Based on a 3 bed detached house – approx 1.5 Days.

Which is more secure?

Wireless Alarm System;

Lots of people used to be concerned by the potential to jam RF signals, however since wireless systems now conform to BS EN 50131, they have to have in-built anti-jamming detection, eliminating this concern. Also, like hard wired systems, todays wireless intruder alarm systems have anti-masking technology to ensure motion detectors are not intentionally obstructed.

Wired Alarm System;

If a cable is cut, accidentally damaged or even gnawed through by mice in the loft, the system should alert you via the tamper circuit (if installed correctly). However, this will require an engineer visit to repair before the system is usable again, unless you're able to programmatically omit the damaged zone(s), potentially leaving areas of the property insecure.

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